Organic intelligence introductory workshops

3 Year Somatic Experiencing professional education and training

Dates: 3 and 4 of April-2016
19 and 20 of November-2016

These workshops are the first steps toward 3 year professional training course for a limited number participants. Training will start in Croatia in 2017. 

The first two day Somatic Experiencing introductory workshop was held in Zagreb, Croatia, in October 2015. The workshop was facilitated by guest teacher Cynthia Merchant M.A., MFT, SEP from Berkeley, California whom we thank for donating her time and expertise. 

 There were 20 participants, including writers, nurses and psychologists, from Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia. 

Participants were introduced to the theory of Somatic Experiencing, and were taught basic practical skills in nervous system healing and regulation. 

By completing this workshop, the participants were able to experience the benefits of Somatic Experiencing and met the initial criteria for acceptance into the three-year professional training course, to be held in Croatia in 2017. 





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