Apply for the new SE Training in Zagreb, Croatia

Beginning level

30. August -4. September 2020

Introductory Somatic Experiencing (SE) Training

January 25-26, 2020.

Centre for Inner Development and Joy invites you to the Introductory Somatic Experiencing (SE) Training, to be held in Belgrade on January 25-26, 2020.

3-Year Professional SE Training Beginning Level

Beginning I           6.- 11. February 2018
Beginning II,III      3.-8. September 2018

The SE Professional Training curriculum is delivered through a combination of lecture,demonstration, and guided practice sessions with other students.

Intro to Somatic Experiencing in Croatia, Zagreb

23.- 25. June 2017

Together with our guest lecturer Peter A Levine, we explored the implications of Body-oriented psychotherapy and recent findings in the neurosciences, on how the brain and body deals with emotional information, while also providing an understanding of effective therapeutic action. 

Somatic experiencing 2

3 and 4 of April-2016 

2 and 3 of December 2017

The Somatic Experiencing® Professional Training Program is taught worldwide and provides healing professionals with the knowledge and skills required to effectively treat PTSD, as well as developmental and shock trauma.

Somatic Experiencing 1

3 and 4 of April-2016 

19 and 20 of November-2016

Participants were introduced to the theory of Somatic Experiencing, and were taught basic practical skills in nervous system healing and regulation.